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Practical steps to connect with great women for fun or relationships.

If you get a bit frustrated with online dating or find it a bit hit and miss, then this book will help.

I’ll help you to present yourself online so you get more quality matches. I’ll give you some conversation starters to get her attention and give you the low-down on what NOT to say (so you can avoid getting ghosted or unmatched).

Life is too short not to be getting yourself laid or to find a great woman to join you on life’s adventures if that’s what you are after.

Great insights and tips so you can enjoy dating more (and get her off the app!)

How To Get Laid on Tinder will help you:

  • Set yourself up for success.
    I help you work out what are the best photos to put up and what to say in your profile. (So you don’t miss out on some great opportunities).
  • Have amazing dates.
    There are simple steps you can take to get her offline and meeting in person. I’ll share what approach you need depending on whether you both just want some fun or want something more serious.
  • Get a woman’s perspective.
    I know we can be difficult to work out sometimes, so I’m giving you my insights on what works and what doesn’t when dating women (so you both can have a LOT of fun).

What people are saying...

I was getting frustrated with women matching but not writing back. Maureen gave me some great tips to help. I now think I'm better and communicating with women in general.
Zach, Melbourne
The book has some simple tips and conversation examples. It's really practical. It was going well for me, I was having some fun but I'm keen to meet someome special and I'm now on track
Gerard, Geelong
I'm now getting laid more thanks to Maureen's advice.

She just says it as it is.
Peter, Sydney

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About the author

Hey there,

I am an entrepreneur and property investor and online dater who has taken quite a few risks in business and life.

However, writing this book has been hard. I have wanted to share what I know about online dating with men for years now, but worrying about what people will think of me has stopped me.

I have decided to feel the discomfort and do it anyway. I do believe men are awesome and sometimes get a bad rap when they are trying their best. I often get asked for tips on what to say to women so I thought I’d put it all in a book.

I do believe both men and women can have great dates, sex and relationships when being themselves and respecting each other.

Dating should be fun and more people in the world should be having awesome, consensual sex (either with the love of their life or a person they find sexy for now).


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